Sunday, 26 August 2012

Birmingham Street Food (with very poor pictures)

Pay no attention to my shoddy, hastily snapped smartphone pictures. They really don't do the Digbeth Dining Club street food event justice.
Spotlight Bar
Nestled under one of Digbeth's many railway arches, is a venue that I'll admit I've never heard of until now. The Spotlight Bar, no doubt, is frequented by people much cooler than I. This weekend, the venue hosted an intrepid collection of stalls coming together to fly the flag for Birmingham in the name of street food.

Organised by the Digbeth Dining Club, the full line up was as follows:

Goan For Curry
Churros Susanna
Soupreme Soulfoods
Bushman Wood-fire Pizzas
The Original Patty Men

Goan For Curry
Churros Susanna
The Meatshack
Bushman Wood-fire Pizza
The Big Smoke 

For me, this event was proof that Birmingham does have an already healthy street food scene in all but name (and no surprises that this doesn't include the 'German' Christmas Market).

The remains of my pulled pork roll from The Big Smoke stall. You'll just have to imagine what it looked like, sorry.